Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Nail Technician's Knowledge

My purpose in creating this blog is to provide my experience and observations in the manicuring business to the public. My clients have benefited for years and now it is time to spread this information.

I have searched the Internet and have found some misinformation, misconceptions, and valid information regarding manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, sculptured nails, and artificial nails. I would like to attempt to clarify the information and present it to you.

I welcome questions and will attempt to answer them or redirect you to the appropriate website or specialist. I am not a doctor and do not attempt to diagnose problems that you may have or encountered. Instead I will direct you to a doctor if it is beyond my scope of help.

The first thing that I will start with is going over the parts of the nail and the products used by a nail technician. In this way my blogs will make more sense when I use terms that I am used to but you may not.


melldot said...

Hi Charli,
Was wondering if you could suggest a good drying lamp, am looking at the ibd Jet 5000 UV lamp and the CND Profinish UV lamp. Any thoughts? I have natural nails and do them myself. I currently use CND Super Shiney TC and Solar Spray with a mini fan, but am thinking a lamp may help. Thanks so much.

Charli Jessup said...

Hi melldot,

I really didn't like the UV lamp's polish when I tried it years ago. Didn't really give me a bang for my buck. Also the expense of the bulbs. I use Wet n Wild 401A. It has lasting power for natural nails. I can get my painted manicures to last!

Ruqayya said...

i bite my nails a lot. i have stopped now, but now it seems as if the nail bed is too small. the free edge starts a little too early so when it grows, it seems like my nail is super long, when it really isnt. i wanted to know if there's any way for the nail bed to be longer so the free edge starts AFTER the edge of my finger. please email me to let me know!! thankyouu (:

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