Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nail Educator


I took an acrylic nail class with Entity Beauty a few weeks ago.

I mentioned to the educator, Laura, that I would like to become an educator for Entity Beauty. It was for completely selfish reasons...I want to make sure this company sticks around!!!! I love their product.

I got a call today from the person in charge of educators! It is sort of last minute but they do this once a year and one is coming up. I am going to do it! I truly want to help this company expand and stick around.

The class is in Las Vegas! So I will have to post pictures. hehehe


Francis said...

Hi Charli! tis Francis! Found ya!

How R ya doing my smoking buddy?

Nail Technician course said...

How did you do on the acrylic nail course. Would you recommend Entity to anyone?

Charli Jessup said...

I would only recommend Entity Beauty Acrylic system to all Manicurists. This product is the best. I bought a starter kit at a trade show. Then I took a class at a local distributor for the cost of the start kit.

Because I LOVE this product so much I wanted to do anything I could to help this company expand. (For entirely personal reasons-I don't want to look for another product line ever again). I inquired about becoming an educator and the company contacted me for their educator class.

Here is the website:

chandra said...

Congratulations! I am also interesting in making my career as nail technician ..could any help me from where i can start?

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